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Get your new high quality,
stylish eyewear at a
surprisinglyaffordable price

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Eye examinations

Our experienced specialist eye
doctors can provide you
with a thorough check-up and
accurate prescription

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Children’s eye

Don’t let your child suffer from
visual difficulties in silence -
you should be bringing them
in to see us for regular eye
tests from a young age
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Visa Medicals

We can give you an eye
examination for your medical
check if you need a visa for
Australia or further afield

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Put the health of your eyes in the hands of the only private, nationally owned opticians in the whole country

Hello, my name is Peter Korimbo and I am the principal ophthalmologist and owner of SED Optical Eyecare in Garden City. My team and I are extremely proud of SED Optical Eyecare’s position as the only nationally owned opticians in the whole country, because without corporate restraints, we can dedicate more time to you.

But how did SED Optical Eyecare come to be? Many years ago, I was introduced to a specialist eye doctor and became very good friends with him. I would often ask him more about what his job entailed and the more he told me, the more my passion for optics grew. It was (and still is) fascinating and intriguing to me that a tiny lens can restore somebody’s vision to normal.

And this interest in eyes is still as strong for me today. Even now, seeing a smile on a patient’s face when they come out of their cataract surgery gives me great joy and satisfaction.

I started SED Optical Eyecare because I saw there was a great need for people such as yourself, to receive a high quality eye examination and affordable glasses. I also wanted to spread awareness of the importance of regular eye tests, which is why we also go out into mining communities to deliver all important eye examinations.

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So why don’t you come and meet us today?

You can speak to a member of my friendly team to book your
Appointment by ringing 675 325 6433.